How would Planned Preventative Maintenance help my business?

If your business relies on machinery for its day to day operations, like most businesses do nowadays, then you will have considered different maintenance plans that are suitable for your business’ operations. From light bulbs and printers to boilers and generators, various elements of your company’s electronics will be in need of maintenance at one point or another.


One of the most utilised and implemented plans is planned preventative maintenance. The purpose of this is to avoid reactive maintenance wherever possible; the system whereby your machinery is repaired once it has broken, rather than putting processes in place to avoid it happening in the first place.


Planned preventative maintenance works by aiming to predict when faults will occur to avoid a complete break down or shut down, which can of course severely interrupt the way in which a business conducts its day to day service. Having regular and agreed upon scheduled checks allows you peace of mind knowing that your systems are being monitored and are running effectively and efficiently. Time based planned preventative maintenance works by scheduling in checks based on the warranty, instructions and policy, as well as when those carrying out the checks deem it necessary based on their experience within the field having worked with these items before.


This is such a popular form of maintenance as it allows business operations to run smoothly, avoiding serious faults where possible, which can save great amounts of time and money. OCD FM’s Planned Preventative Maintenance service will:


  • Ensure that all your mechanical and electrical equipment reaches and, where possible, surpasses its expected life span;
  • Ensure that you benefit from the most economical solution;
  • Support you in more accurately forecasting potential expenditure; and,
  • Ensure that all your mechanical, electrical and soft services are compliant with Approved Codes of Practice and British Standards.


OCD FM are proud to offer a range of facilities management services to our clients, if you would like to ask any questions regarding planned preventative maintenance or about our business as a whole, do not hesitate to call us on 01353 886 890 or email us at

Why Maintenance Is Just As Important As The Build

Most people say that the build is the most important part of the construction industry. To a degree this is true, but what happens three years down the line when the once pristine build is having catastrophic breakages, costing a large sum to fix. This is where a maintenance plan becomes essential in your business plan.

Think of maintenance as a health care plan to your building. It provides the required check-ups and quick fixes in order for day to day runnings to continue. When comparing cost, the cost of regular maintenance is only a fraction of the repair price of a major breakdown, these breakages could even cause reduced, or stop in, production- not good for business. The main reason for maintenance is to ensure everything is working at 100% efficiency. Regular checks are able to detect an issue before it escalates into a dangerous or large-scale problem.

Both the production levels and safety of items is important for any company. For example, if a machine is not regularly checked, it could be that the machine becomes unsafe to use. Safety measures in properties are highly important both legally and morally. Unsafe areas and equipment could mean the increase of an accident. This can then lead to being sued, higher insurance premiums or lack staff, all affecting production levels.

A decrease in production could also tarnish your brand identity and relationship with customers as they may not be receiving the professional level which they expect from your company. Anything which could affect customer relationships should be prevented at all costs as customers are the route to funding your business. Simply, a lack of customers = lack of revenue.

Here at OCD FM, our partners come with a wealth of knowhow and experience. Our Account Managers work with them to build a detailed and comprehensive plan of maintenance. If you have any questions about maintenance and how it may aid your business, call us on 01353 886 890 or email us at

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Green Today

Being green is key for any business to become a smart business. If you haven’t already implemented green techniques into your day to day running of your company, you may be missing out on potential growth. Going green is not a trend and will not be leaving anyone’s minds any time soon. Regardless of how small or large your organisation may be, being more environmentally aware will help a range of business factors.


Save money – Strict budgets are good for strategy as well as being more eco-friendly. Any Financier would agree that making savings is not only essential – it is crucial to the longevity of any modern business. Therefore an Energy Conservation plan could make a vital difference in your organisation’s lifespan. One simple way to save money and be more environmentally aware is to reduce power consumption where appropriate. For example, switching normal light bulbs to CFL lights can save up to 70% on your electricity bills as well as making a positive effect on nature.  


Healthier workplace – By providing a healthy workplace it shows your employees and visitors that you care, both of them and the planet. Improved facility cleanliness could also translate into less staff sick days and a more productive approach to their work, therefore a better work rate for the company.


Brand image – A well-built brand image is paramount for a business to succeed. Being green can significantly contribute to an effective brand identity, both internally to staff and externally to customers. Once this has been constructed, you may be seen as a thought leader in your industry. Being a thought leader is one of the best opportunities for your business as it will not only create a sense of trust for customers, it will also give you a competitive edge.


Saving the planet – It is a widespread opinion that morally we should all try to be as green as possible. We live on this earth, meaning we should all do our best to keep it running properly. The more people who adopt green policies will encourage others to follow.


Here at OCD FM, energy conservation and reducing carbon footprints are a way of life for us, not just a statement. We work hard with our clients to help them become more green and efficient. We can provide a wide selection of energy reducing and money-saving options to aid any budget. If you have any questions about going green and how it may aid your business, call us on 01353 886 890 or email us at