4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Green Today

Being green is key for any business to become a smart business. If you haven’t already implemented green techniques into your day to day running of your company, you may be missing out on potential growth. Going green is not a trend and will not be leaving anyone’s minds any time soon. Regardless of how small or large your organisation may be, being more environmentally aware will help a range of business factors.


Save money – Strict budgets are good for strategy as well as being more eco-friendly. Any Financier would agree that making savings is not only essential – it is crucial to the longevity of any modern business. Therefore an Energy Conservation plan could make a vital difference in your organisation’s lifespan. One simple way to save money and be more environmentally aware is to reduce power consumption where appropriate. For example, switching normal light bulbs to CFL lights can save up to 70% on your electricity bills as well as making a positive effect on nature.  


Healthier workplace – By providing a healthy workplace it shows your employees and visitors that you care, both of them and the planet. Improved facility cleanliness could also translate into less staff sick days and a more productive approach to their work, therefore a better work rate for the company.


Brand image – A well-built brand image is paramount for a business to succeed. Being green can significantly contribute to an effective brand identity, both internally to staff and externally to customers. Once this has been constructed, you may be seen as a thought leader in your industry. Being a thought leader is one of the best opportunities for your business as it will not only create a sense of trust for customers, it will also give you a competitive edge.


Saving the planet – It is a widespread opinion that morally we should all try to be as green as possible. We live on this earth, meaning we should all do our best to keep it running properly. The more people who adopt green policies will encourage others to follow.


Here at OCD FM, energy conservation and reducing carbon footprints are a way of life for us, not just a statement. We work hard with our clients to help them become more green and efficient. We can provide a wide selection of energy reducing and money-saving options to aid any budget. If you have any questions about going green and how it may aid your business, call us on 01353 886 890 or email us at info@ocd-fm.com

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