Boiler Maintenance: Why Do We Need It?

Same as other appliances, your boiler must be checked regularly in order to keep it in working condition and be safe. A boiler is essential in creating hot water and warm rooms- part of an employees rights in a workplace. In this blog post, we explain why boiler maintenance is so important.


Issues & Problems


Regular maintenance allows you to spot problems or issues before they can escalate further. Prevention and small fixtures can save you money long-term as, without these regular checks, you could potentially have to buy a whole new boiler rather than pay to fix one small part.




Maintenance will allow for optimum working efficiency. Most businesses aim to be eco-friendly, one of the main ways to do this is to make sure your energy consumption is only for the necessities. If a boiler is not working to 100%, you could be wasting money paying for it to run, but not actually doing what it is meant to. Wastefully using energy will also affect the environment and harm your eco footprint. Maintenance is not only for older boilers, new boilers should also be maintained so that they remain in good condition.




Although boilers revolutionised the way we get hot water and heating, they come with potentially life-threatening consequences if not installed or maintained properly. The risk of a poisonous gas called Carbon Monoxide being produced from a boiler is high if it hasn’t been installed or checked regularly and efficiently. Carbon monoxide is labelled as the silent killer due to it being invisible and odourless, making it hard to be noticed if a leak does occur. A registered engineer will be able to conduct tests and see if any parts could cause the gas to leak, doing the necessary fixtures to prevent this.


If exposed, seek medical advice immediately as it could be fatal to life. It is also good practice to have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted to ensure safety.


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