Fixed Testing: What Is It?

Fixed testing is sometimes known as periodic testing, fixed wire testing, hard wire testing, EICR, periodic inspection and testing, or electrical installation condition reporting- they all mean the same thing. It is the process of testing electrical services and systems that are conducting electricity throughout a building. This includes ALL hardware, e.g. main panels, lights, power outlets, temperature systems, distribution boards etc.

The testing process combines both visual inspection and electrical testing, combining both practices means the results are more accurate and reliable. With electrical items, you can never be too careful as they have the ability to electrocute or cause a fire if not properly checked. Engineers conducting the tests should use all historical data available to them including previous test results, documented electrical items and circuit labellings to inform their next test. Although electricals need to be regularly tested, they should not be a disturbance to the user. If inconvenience does occur, it will need to be discussed with the user to find a suitable time and should be completed as quick as possible whilst remaining thorough and effective.

Although the process will most likely cause disruption, the safety requirements mean all equipment should be consistently tested in order for it to be safe to use. However, it can always be done outside of working hours, therefore, will not affect business productivity. Whenever you perform any testing, it is required you record the results. The name of this record is the Electrical Installation Condition Report, information such as date tested, date of the previous test, the outcome of the test, any fixing, is it safe to use, does it need further repairs, any areas of concern, schedule of future inspections etc. will all be included in the report.

If any dangerous concerns are made, you should instantly make the correct precautions to fix or remove the issue in order to provide a safe environment for the engineer, staff and visitors of the building. Electrical precautions should always be made, better to be safe than sorry.

At OCD FM, we provide Fixed Testing in our Electrical And Mechanical Services so that our clients never compromise the safety of their staff or fail to comply with their legislative obligations. To find out more about the service we offer, call us on 01353 886 890 or email us at

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