Why A Maintenance Service May Be Good For You And Your Business

In a definition provided by English Oxford Dictionaries, a Handyman is a person able or employed to do occasional repairs and minor renovations. You may have completed the main body of work for your business, everything seems to be running smoothly… however, as time goes on things will wear and tear, and will require fixing as soon as possible. If left unresolved a minor problem could evolve into a large problem, this could cost the company thousands or even the entire business.


A regular ‘handyman’ will be reactive and provide minor repairs provision for a company, therefore any problems that arise will quickly be resolved and to a high standard. A well-maintained business allows for brand reputation to be at optimum level. Although branding is built through a strategised business and marketing strategy, physical appearance is also very important. A workplace that is fully functional, clean and tidy creates a professional and efficient environment for those visiting and those working in the space. For example, poor paintwork and a leaking tap may not create the best impression on a prospective client.


A handyman and their services will create a safe and comfortable environment for employees and visitors. This is important as any accidents within the business’ area could result in the victim making a claim, your company facing jail time and/or a fine, and insurance becoming more expensive or void.


Some examples of the services a handyman will supply are:


(start bullet point) Lights – Changing light bulbs in offices may not be as simple as a home bulb. Often with fluorescent and complex fixtures, changing the bulb can be time-consuming and must be fitted properly to reduce risk.  

Furniture – Building and maintaining furniture is important to keep the office running smoothly. A wobbly chair may not look the best for a visitor to the office. The same way a cluttered space with files and folders would be better if the appropriate storage was built.

Hanging items – Whether that be photos, artwork, mirrors, TVs or any other heavy objects, all will need different fixtures and fittings depending on the type of wall and the intended use of the item. A handyman will be familiar with the tools and materials needed to do these tasks, making sure they are placed safely and securely. (end bullet point)


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