Why Maintenance Is Just As Important As The Build

Most people say that the build is the most important part of the construction industry. To a degree this is true, but what happens three years down the line when the once pristine build is having catastrophic breakages, costing a large sum to fix. This is where a maintenance plan becomes essential in your business plan.

Think of maintenance as a health care plan to your building. It provides the required check-ups and quick fixes in order for day to day runnings to continue. When comparing cost, the cost of regular maintenance is only a fraction of the repair price of a major breakdown, these breakages could even cause reduced, or stop in, production- not good for business. The main reason for maintenance is to ensure everything is working at 100% efficiency. Regular checks are able to detect an issue before it escalates into a dangerous or large-scale problem.

Both the production levels and safety of items is important for any company. For example, if a machine is not regularly checked, it could be that the machine becomes unsafe to use. Safety measures in properties are highly important both legally and morally. Unsafe areas and equipment could mean the increase of an accident. This can then lead to being sued, higher insurance premiums or lack staff, all affecting production levels.

A decrease in production could also tarnish your brand identity and relationship with customers as they may not be receiving the professional level which they expect from your company. Anything which could affect customer relationships should be prevented at all costs as customers are the route to funding your business. Simply, a lack of customers = lack of revenue.

Here at OCD FM, our partners come with a wealth of knowhow and experience. Our Account Managers work with them to build a detailed and comprehensive plan of maintenance. If you have any questions about maintenance and how it may aid your business, call us on 01353 886 890 or email us at info@ocd-fm.com

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