Why ‘one size fits all’ does not work in facilities management

We often see ‘one size fits all’ for a range of products or services, but facilities management (FM) is not one of them.


Facilities Management is a process which strives to be efficient and effective in its support to the organisations that it serves. The process integrates people, systems, processes, technologies and locations.


Examples of some FM services are:


  • Routine and planned preventative maintenance of all Mechanical and Electrical services
  • Daily and specialist cleaning
  • Waste control
  • Emergency call outs
  • Security measures
  • ‘Handyman’ service 


It is important to know every business is different, thus needing a different FM strategy. By tailoring the strategy to the specific company, only the necessary and discussed services will be undertaken. Industry type will create a foundation for the FM plan, but the specific business, location and aims will need further accurate planning. For example, an academy may want/need to have security for the provision of building access. However, a private residence may not need this level of security.


Here at OCD FM, we strive to provide customers with a high quality individually tailored service. In order to identify and understand each client’s particular needs, we make sure to undertake a comprehensive survey of the client. Using this information, we can then go on to creating lists of all the electrical and mechanical equipment involved, as well as a condition survey (fully understand the condition of the building(s) and to assist with planned maintenance). After the previously mentioned has been addressed, the implementation of the Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme will begin which:


  • Ensures that you have the most economical solutions.
  • Helps you more accurately forecast potential expenditure.
  • Confirm that all your electrical and mechanical equipment reaches or even exceeds the expected lifespan.
  • Make sure that all your mechanical, electrical and soft services are compliant with Approved Codes of Practice and British Standards.


At OCD FM, we have an outstanding commitment to delivering. As a tailored facilities management company, our team know that we can add value to our clients. If you have any questions about facilities management and how it may aid your business, call us on 01353 886 890 or email us at info@ocd-fm.com

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