Why You Need To Conduct Health And Safety Assessments

It has been seen that the topic of health and safety has essentially become taboo in the world of business. With the employer’s responsibilities around safety increasing, you are obliged to ensure the workplace is in line with specific laws and codes depending on industry. If you cannot comply you could face legal action, higher insurance premiums or even fines which can make some companies go bankrupt. The after effects of poor health and safety are not ideal and all companies should take their assessments seriously and regularly to ensure they are truly safe. In essence, there are 3 main reasons as to why you should be making sure you have appropriate measures and documents in place, keep reading to find out.

High insurance premium rates and fines – When deciding on an insurance company they will require a copy of your most recent health and safety assessment and will need to know how regularly you do this. Insurance costs are high regardless, but if they can prove you are not taking the safety of your business seriously they can increases prices even further. If you can show you have consistent assessments and checks you will be moved into the lower risk category, in turn, a lower premium price.

If a business is found to be unsafe they can encounter fines, the figure depends on the company’s turnover but for some, this could easily creep into the millions. It is not only the fines itself which will affect your business, it is also the press attached to being fined which will significantly alter how your brand will be perceived by customers. You may survive the large fine, but could you survive the damage to your reputation? Most could not.

Your reputation – Similar to the above point, your brand identity is everything. Without it, your company will struggle to continue making a profit. The same way health and safety breaches can negatively affect a business, a well-managed organisation who are in line with appropriate health laws can benefit highly. By being known to follow such guidelines it will give you the competitive edge, positive press and could even be your niche- all will translate into customer loyalty and sales.

Ethical business – As much as you need to have health and safety assessments to be in line with the law, you also need to think ethically and morally in regards to the safety of your employees, customers and any other visitors. In most cases, lack of efficiency could mean minor injury or damage to the property and can sometimes be fatal. Therefore, you should be doing everything in your power to prevent this.

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