6 Reasons Why You Need To Have Regular Generator Maintenance

You will have been told how often your equipment will need maintenance, but perhaps you have fallen behind or forgotten. However, it is KEY for your business so you remain safe, efficient and cost-effective. Your generator especially will require preservation, keep reading to find out 6 reasons why you need to be performing generator maintenance tasks.

1. Keeps it running when you need it most

Generators are there to use in the event of an unexpected power cut. It is there as a backup, therefore should always be ready and in working order. We are sure finding out the generator does not work when your power goes is far from helpful. Regular maintenance and checks will mean it will always be able to do as it is designed for.

2. Prevents fuel problems

If unchecked, it is more likely to be susceptible to fuel problems such as algae build up, clogged fuel injectors or a dead battery. These problems can not only cause problems for when you need to use the generator, they can also break it completely, therefore, will need to be replaced- not cost effective.

3. Saves you money

Having irregular, or non-existent maintenance may save money short-term, if you ignore it for too long you will encounter costly repairs, or need to replace entirely. They are not a cheap piece of equipment, therefore preservation tasks are cheaper and prevent the generator from failing. If the generator fails to work when needed, it could cause other damage to the property. For example, lack of light means accidents occur, lack of electricity reduces productivity etc.

4. Keeps it running for longer

As previously mentioned, generators are costly- you will not want to buy a new one of those every month. A properly maintained appliance will mean they will not need to be replaced as often, lasting a lot longer and working efficiently.

5. Increases efficiency

If in the chance you will need to use and rely on your generator, you will want it to run as efficiently as possible. A maintained appliance will help get your generator working to optimum levels.

6. Keeps it safe

Safety is vital for a business. Equipment that is properly taken care of will mean it will be safe to use and could highlight areas which are not safe and need to be repaired quickly. A generator will make properties safe as they produce electricity for the building. This is essential when a lack of power occurs at night, during cold months or over long periods of time.

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