The Importance of PAT to your business

What is PAT?


PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing. It is a term given to the process of examining electrical appliances and equipment to make sure they are safe to use. Most equipment faults can be physically seen, but some deficiencies can only be found through testing. It is those faults that could be very dangerous for its users if not tested regularly. Same goes for faults that cannot be found through testing, only visually. Regular brief checks are important, but formal checks by a competent person are also necessary for the maintenance plan. The type of equipment and environment which it is being used in will indicate how often it needs to be checked and the level of inspection.


How often do I need to do PAT?


The Electricity At Work Regulations  Act (1989) commands that any electrical equipment is regularly maintained to a safe level of use. This law does not specify what needs to be done or how often. However, it is an employer’s legal obligation to provide a safe working place for employees, therefore PAT will be necessary for your business. The frequency of testing will depend on the type of equipment you have and its use. For example, power tools will have to be tested more often than a lamp in a reception.


Do I need to keep a record of PAT?


There is no legal requirement for records to be made of your portable appliance testing, but it is good practice to have these documents to know what condition the specific item is in. The records will also help in your maintenance schemes.


Do I need to do PAT on new equipment?


It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide safe machinery and equipment, but it is good practice to check the item to verify it is safe to use for your staff.


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